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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning

Fireplace, wood-burning stoves, gas or oil heating appliances all contribute to dirty chimneys. Burning wood produces a black, sticky combustible layer that requires regular cleaning. We sweep your chimney clean by brushing the inside to eliminate built-up soot.

Depending on your usage, the damage can range from a light layer to heavy build-up of burnt solids. A yearly clean-up by American Chimney Service eliminates your concerns and gives you peace of mind.

The Basic Cleaning Process

Licensed, bonded and insured, American Chimney Service's chimney professionals are experienced and arrive properly equipped for the job with instructions to bring any potential problems to the attention of the homeowner. Our sweeps first inspect your fireplace or heating system, the chimney or flue pipe, the spark arrestor, and other related components. If they see any problems, they will make recommendations for remediation.

After the chimney inspection, technicians cover the inside of the fireplace to contain soot or dust created during the cleaning process. They then either climb to the roof, or from inside the home with poles, brushes and scrapers - soot and debris fall to the bottom. The sweep then removes the debris, cleans out the inside of the fireplace, and vacuums any remaining dust or soot.

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