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Masonry Repairs

Masonry Repairs

Water causes more damage to the chimneys on our homes then fire. The masonry work and other materials that your home is made of are protected by the roof and eave. Your chimney is not. Your chimney stands stoically above the roofline of your house, weathering constant exposure to the environment.

Does my masonry chimney require repairs?

A brick chimney is constructed of a multitude of masonry and non-masonry materials, including mortar and brick, terra cotta tile, steel and in some cases cast iron. These materials suffer deterioration with prolonged contact with the environment. Masonry materials quickly deteriorate when there is continued exposure to the freeze/thaw process during which moisture penetrates the masonry materials, freezes and expands, which causes stress. Water inside the chimney (which you won't ever have to worry about because your chimney has been properly capped by an American Chimney Service chimney professional) also weakens and in some instances even destroys the metal parts of your chimney.

If your home or chimney is penetrated by water, both interior and exterior damage can be caused including:

  • Broken brickwork and/or spalled brickwork (flaking, cracking, peeling, crumbling or chipping of bricks)
  • Metal or masonry firebox assemblies may become damaged by water exposure
  • Damper assemblies may become rusted
  • Central heating systems may deteriorate due to water or excessive moisture exposure
  • The mortar between the bricks that are in essence the fa├žade of your chimney can crack and weaken the joints between bricks
  • Flue liner systems can crack

American Chimney Service employs master masons in order to be confident in the service that we provide. All of our masonry work, like everything we do, is guaranteed.

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