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Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan provides an excellent solution when excess smoke is coming into the house from the fireplace. We install it on top of the flue, it sits on top of the chimney and it pulls the smoke up and out of the house. Homeowners can control the fan speed from inside the house, making it an ultra-convenient and useful addition to your fireplace or home heating system.

Why should you add an exhaust fan to your home heating system or fireplace?

Some home heating systems and fireplaces, although constructed properly and correctly maintained may not provide enough of a draft in order to expel smoke from your house or in the case of your heating system provide enough airflow to feed your burner's fire. The causes of this can range from less breathing (a decrease in drafts) of the home due to the installation of new windows or insulation in the home, resulting in less of an up-draft up and out of the chimney, to large trees or shrubbery growing too close to the chimney therefore blocking the rush of outward flowing air. If we find that there is no solution to these problems through a chimney inspection, an exhaust fan can be added to your chimney in order to create the correct amount of air-flow that is needed to remove the smoke from your home or as stated above pull enough air through your heating system in order to feed your burner's fire.

Our chimney experts do not take kindly to inefficient home functionality, especially since you the homeowner are doing your part in running a safe and efficient home for yourself and/or your loved ones. Our technicians will take the time and make the effort needed in order to be sure you are getting every bit of efficiency from your heating system or every warm cozy moment in front of the fireplace that your original home investment promised to give you.

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