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The Top Three Reasons You Should Hire Chimney Sweeping Services

The Top Three Reasons You Should Hire Chimney Sweeping ServicesThere are some services that are needed more based on geography than others. You won't find air conditioner repair services in Antarctica. We are experienced with a state known for its winters like New Jersey, where residents need professional chimney cleaning services.

Fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and gas or oil-heating appliances have their own side effects in getting your chimney dirty. Who doesn't love the idea of sitting by the fireplace on a chilly December night? Sure, locals know that they are all worth it when the temperatures hit below fifty degrees. This doesn't mean we can't make the most of our version of a winter wonderland.

If your home has a fireplace, there's excitement when the forecast shows chilly or (gasp!) frigid temperatures coming. But before you start gathering firewood and looking for kindling, you need to take an important safety step. You need to make sure your chimney is ready for the first fire of the season. At American Chimney Service we not only know about pressure washing, but we excel at chimney sweep service too.

When Do I Really Need A Professional Chimney Sweep In New Jersey?

While it's true that in New Jersey we can have very warm summers, yet with our well-known Fall and Winter weather, as long as fireplaces have fires, homeowners will have dirty chimneys. As we use our fireplaces more as part of the colder regions of the country, the ash and soot will increase. As long as there are fireplaces in use, we'll need chimney sweep services.

The Top Three Reasons To Hire A Chimney Sweep

Before you scoff at the idea of spending money to clean a part of your home that no one can see, consider these three important things that come from hiring a chimney sweep.

  1. Chimney sweep (and chimney inspections) can help identify air leaks in your chimney. These leaks will hike up your energy costs year-round as your HVAC works harder to keep the temperature you desire. Think of it as trying to blow up a balloon that has a hole in it. You never really get anywhere, and there is a lot of waste.
  2. Say goodbye to carbon monoxide. The silent and scentless killer is released when we burn fuels like wood and gas. If your chimney is blocked in any way, this dangerous gas won't exit your home as it should, putting your family at risk.
  3. Prevent chimney fires. Fire at the bottom of the fireplace (firebox for the Jeopardy home contestants) is good, fire in the chimney is bad. Very bad. Don't become one of the 20,000 victims of chimney fires this year. Clear your chimney of creosote and keep the fire where it is supposed to be!

Before it gets cold enough for the first fire of winter, be sure to get your chimney ready with chimney sweep service from American Chimney Service. We can keep your New Jersey chimney clean on the inside with chimney services or your entire home with our outstanding chimney services. Get the right service by calling 201-358-2800 today.

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